Great ideas are born everyday, but even the best ideas won’t survive without proper execution.  Using the perfect blend of creativity and strategy, Niki Monty ensures the essence of your brand is translated with authenticity. Before you launch your next project or event, NM will help you compose a unique strategy designed to generate immediate attention from your target market, increasing your overall visibility. 

Working with Niki you can expect to identify and execute strategies that connect with your target market, host and participate in highly publicized events that are congruent with your brand, and connect with media outlets that attract an array of audiences.

Listed below are a few services we offer to get your brand on track:

  • Creative Consultations - NM's Creative Consultations are designed to help refine your vision and convert your ideas into a unique, relevant brand.
  • Communication - What you say and how you say it does matter.  With increased opportunities to communicate with your audience and stakeholders via several channels, clear, consistent messaging is essential.  Niki has proven capabilities in composing social media campaigns, developing correspondence and composing other forms of direct communication that yield results.
  • Connections - The success and longevity of your brand is dependent upon your ability to hone in on what you're best at, and outsource what you're not.  NM's network of professionals and entrepreneurs are trusted and efficient.