Beware of the Side Hustle

"Side Hustle" is a popular term often used by millennials to refer to a part-time gig.  SHs either involve something that you're not passionate about and tolerate for the sake of earning extra income, or something you are passionate about but is not producing to the degree that it can replace your primary income.  

While side hustles can spawn creativity, encouraging us to explore non-traditional methods of income, e.g. crafts or service- they can also be distracting, subtracting time from things we're truly passionate about.

Here are few things to ask yourself if you have a side hustle or are considering venturing into one:

  1. What's the goal?  Know why you have a side hustle.  Be it to earn extra money or to satisfy that long time fantasy of being a yoga instructor, it's essential that you "know your why."  Once you've established your why, list the desirable outcome.  Is the goal to save $5,000 for toward a debt or vacation?  Or is it  for a certain period of time, e.g. teach yoga for the summer?
  2.  Is your side hustle a distraction? This is especially important if your side hustle is not your passion.  If you're a teacher and your ultimate goal is to become an administrator, if your side hustle is not related to education or leadership, it may be subtracting time from other opportunities to increase your knowledge or gain experience that coincides with your career goal.  
  3. Is your side hustle really your dream career or business?  I once had a part-time job that I enjoyed much more than my full-time job.  I looked forward to getting off of work and going directly to another job for five more hours no matter how tired I was.  Frankly- it was easier to go to my part-time job than it was to wake up and go to my full-time job. My FT job hindered my ability to pursue my dream career because it occupied the majority of my day and minimized opportunities.  Moral of the story- if your side hustle isn't your dream, don't allow it to be a distraction.    

While I'm not opposed to having a side hustle, my personal opinion is that oftentimes too much emphasis is placed on them.  Instead of pursuing side hustles, we should go after passion and purpose.  Any side hustle that we venture into should align with our goals in some way.  Side hustles should be temporary endeavors that propel us into destiny, not indefinite time thieves that hinder our ability to take flight.