Passion Doesn't Spoil.....

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping my mom and favorite client with an event where she sold some of her baked goods.  Though she's been baking since I can remember, this event was big for her for several reasons.  First, my mom is very "low key," preferring to stay in the background and help behind the scenes.  Yet, at this event, she had to literally "stand by" her product, greet her customers and act as a sales representative for her own product.  Second, my mother has loyal clients, most of which were brought to her via referral.  At this event she had to sell to strangers who had never tasted her baked goods and weren't referred by anyone.  Finally, my mother hates talking money!  She would rather give something away than to have to tell someone the price.  Well there was no running from that on Sunday, she had to boldly state her price (with a smile of course).  

Despite her discomfort, my mother did a spectacular job!  Not only were her desserts a hit amongst patrons, but other business owners-- including the founder of the event became instant fans!  

I was so proud of my mom.  I won't tell her age but let me put it this way-- she'll soon be retiring. Most would think she's missed her "entrepreneurial boat."  But passion is much like wine, "it just gets better with time!"  Such a trite statement, but that was the perfect analogy LOL!  But really, her passion and love for the gift she's been given still hasn't dwindled, and is still able to yield greatness.  

There are several elaborate morals of this story but the bottom line is-- it's never too late because "Passion doesn't spoil."