Package Makes Perfect

Everyday we make choices based on how things are presented to us.  From the entrées we select for dinner, to the Netflix series we watch after.   As consumers, we make choices with our eyes because packaging is everything.  Packaging is what gets our attention.  As entrepreneurs and visionaries this is what makes our written representations and branding so important.  Often times I’ll go to a website and based upon the content, decide not to patronize the business.  I’ve read blogs without finishing because of improper tone and poor grammar.  And left events early because of poor planning and lack of proper publicity.  It wasn’t that the business idea, blog or event weren’t great ideas with something to offer their target market; it was that the message wasn’t relayed because it wasn’t properly packaged.  

The success of your vision as relayed through your book, business or platform, depends on your ability to successfully package that vision in a manner that lures your target market.  That’s what Niki Monty does for you.  Writing, branding and public relations may seem like three different areas of concentration but they’re actually overlapping and extremely interdependent.  Simply put – it’s important to know as an entrepreneur, author or dreamer, that people read you before they meet you.  Let me help you with that.